Welcome to a free multiplayer word game for you who enjoy challenging yourself, your friends or random opponents in the art of finding words. The words are randomly picked as well as the letters placements. Find a word that consists of all letters to hit a virtual Bullseye. Game on!

Find a word

One game consists of 5 rounds and each round lasts 30 seconds. Your challenge is to combine the randomly placed letters to the original word, another word (Anagram) or as long word as possible. The first round consists of a word of four letters. For each round the number of letters increases by 1 up to a word that consists of 8 letters. Thereby both the possibility to score high points and the level of difficulty increases for each round.

Score points

Note that the letters are worth different points. The point appears on each letter. You can only submit one word per round and points are given for the used letters summed score. The highest total score after 5 rounds wins!

Aim for a Bullseye!

Try to create a word using all the letters on the table to hit a Bullseye.

Spend your time wisely

It's important to act quickly and submit a word as fast as you can because the time of the round that is left accumulates to the next round. Try to save as much time as you can and you'll have a better chance to figure out the longer words towards the end of the game.

Play the game as you like, when you like and as much as you like!

Collect achievements!

The more you play the more you improve. One measure of this is your skill and another is your increased vocabulary. The game awards your skill by different kinds of achievements. Go get them!

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