Answers to your questions

What words are supported by Anagram?
For the Swedish language we use the Swedish Academy dictionary (SAOL) and for English we use an independent dictionary
What if I cannot find the right word or an anagram using all the letters?
You can always score points by finding shorter words. Sometimes it is better to put a shorter word to save time to the next rounds.
What is the difference between the free and the premium version of Anagram?
In the premium version you get unlimited amounts of games, no ads what so ever, your own game statistics and a lot of bragging rights.
How does practice mode work?
The practice mode is a single player experience, this way you can learn the game better and improve your skills.
Why do some rounds give me more than 30 seconds?
Your seconds are saved from the previous rounds to add more of a strategic element to the game, you can therefore save time to the more difficult rounds at the end of the game.
How do I change the menu language?
If your language is supported, you need to get into the settings menu for your device and change the devices native language to the language you want to use.
How do I invite my friends from Facebook to play against me?
Browse into "Start new game" -> "Facebook friends" and in the bottom of this menu press, "invite friends" and click the name of your friend. Voila you get a box to invite your friend.
Where did all my old games go?
Currently we keep the last twenty games that were finished.
How does the ranking system work?
The ranking is based upon the ELO ranking system. Basically, when you beat other players your ranking will increase and when you lose your ranking will decrease. The amount of the change in ranking points depends on what rank the opponent has compared to your ranking.
I cannot register an account with Anagram?
Probably has someone else already registered the same username, please try to add some numbers to the end of the name or place "the" in front of the user name and try again. For example: instead of "AnnaSvensson" try "theAnnaSvensson" or "AnnaSvensson123"
I lose a lot. How can I improve?
Try the practice mode and also try to shuffle your letters into different formations so that you can find partial words, in that way it will be easier for you to find a Bullseye.
I can't purchase Anagram Premium on my iPhone or iPad. I get the error "In-App purchase not allowed".
You can change this setting on your iPhone/iPad. Go to "Settings" -> "Restrictions" and set "In-app Purchases to "On".
How do I move the letters?
You can either tap on the letter or move them by "drag and drop".
How do I change profile picture and/or my nickname?
Press the settings button inside the app (top left corner) and you will see a small avatar on the top with your profile picture and nickname. Click on the image or your nickname and change.